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International Sea Transportation

ocean freight refers to the logistics transportation of import and export enterprises through the ocean. Compared with air transport and rail transportation, the cost of ocean freight is lower. However, its disadvantage is the long transportation cycle. International shipping usually refers to transnational maritime transportation.

Due to the solid foundation of advanced information systems,Donho  can provide you with professional ocean shipping service of FCL and LCL. As well as, with the help of multimodal of land, sea and air transport, we are able to ship the cargoes to the designated destinations safely and quickly.

Donho is acting as an agent for many kinds of logistics services, such as import and export goods transportation, customs declaration, commodity inspection, dangerous goods declaration, warehousing, ground transportation, etc.

We can provide you with comprehensive logistics services. There are some special services below:

All-round service of import distribution and export shipping business;

Door-to-door transportation ,multimodal transport of container and large-scale equipment;

Precise tracking information and feedback of goods provided;

Act for a transportation insurance business;

The logistics service of route design, tariff consulting, cost accounting and other services as well as engineering and bidding projects.

Booking Agent:
We own a network of service agents and healthy branches all over the world. With the advantage of the good cooperative relationship of many world-renowned shipping companies such as MSK, MSC, CMA-CGM, APL, OOCL, EMC, NYK, and HMM for many years, we are confident to provide the most efficient transportation and the strongest guarantee of the lowest price!

Trading Agent:
Donho are capable to provide foreign trade agency windows for real importers and exporters.

And we will equip with a professional team of people to provide customers verification orders and a full set of foreign trade import and export document services such as packing slips, invoices, power of attorneys, and bill of exchange.

We provide global routes for ocean shipping by FCL and LCL. Meanwhile we also provide services on domestic transportation, warehousing, customs declaration and inspection, insurance agency, appointed agency and international goods transportation, etc.We provide professional one-on-one services and a wide range of choices for ports.


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